Association of Immigrants from the Southern Hemisphere

C.I.S.M. - Veneto is an Association of African, Asian and latin American immigrants domiciled principally in Venice and other cities in the Veneto region. The association includes refugees from former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe, minority races and Italian citizens who wish to take positive steps to combat policies, actions and beliefs which lead to institutional, racial and social discrimination and relegation to the margins of society.

In compliance with article 7 of Regional law 9, dated 30.1.1990, C.I.S.M. - Veneto is on the Regional Authority register of Associations, Institutions and Organizations (number 16) working permanently on behalf of citizens from outside the European Union, within the framework of regional decree 7271 of 28.12.1992; the city authority of Venice became a member of the Association on 3/11/1994 by resolution of the city council (resolution number 3927).
C.I.S.M. - Veneto is also on the Padova City Register of Voluntary Associations and Cooperatives (number 460) with resolution of the Mayor, General Protocol no. 54911-N.30/AA.GG. of 7/9/1995, and on the Venice City Register of Associations (city council resolution no.168 of 6.10.1992.

C.I.S.M. - Veneto was incorporated in Mestre in march 1990 as a non-violent, democratic, multicultural, multi-ethnic association without links with political parties, whose aim is:


Membershp is open to anyone who wishes to take positive steps to combat policies, actions and beliefs which lead to institutional, racial and social discrimination and relegation to the margins of society.
membership of CISM-Veneto is a commitment to fight against all forms of racism and to help build a multicultural and multi-ethnic society and to strengthen co-operation and friendship between Italy and countries of the Southern hemisphere.
members can join at any of the offices of CISM-Veneto by payment of the membership fee of Itl. 15,000. Membership is on a yearly basis. Membership gives the right to receive all information regarding the activities of the Association and the right to take part in all such activities.


The following are some examples of the principal activities carried out by, or with the assistance of, CISM-Veneto:

- Social and Cultural Initiatives: presentation of CISM Veneto to citizens, meetings and social gatherings, debates, intercultural festivities. Venice and Mestre, 1990.
- "Beneath the Earth's Skies". "Against all Forms of Racism": music, dancing, cuisine, videos, theatre, Mestre-Venice, 1992.
- The promotion of a multi-ethnic society: intolerance, racism, xenophobia and new forms of solidarity, a meeting/debate; Padova, 1992.
- Nationwide Demonstration against Racism; Milan, 1992.
- "All together": music against racism, for the rights of minority groups, concerts; Mestre, 1993.
- "Opening the door to the Sothern hemisphere": special event for Somalia, Kurdistan, meeting/debate, cuisine, music and film; Mestre, 1993.
-events for Africa, the meeting between north and south: cultures in comparison, conferences, videos, music, craft industry, cuisine; Venice, 1993.
- Afro-It: Intercultural festivities; Montecchio-Maggiore, 1993.
- Rights, Tolerance, Solidarity: Europe without Racism: Work in a Multiethnic Society, Debate and Celebration of Solidarity; Marghera (VE), 1993.
- "The Thousands Sounds of Peace": music, debate, exhibition; Mestre, 1993.
- Rwanda-Burundi: Flames in the Hillsides, Human Tragedy and Genocide, a meeting/debate; Mestre, 1994.
- The Celebration of peoples: cuisine, music, meetings; Padova, 1994.
- Reconciliation and Reconstruction in Rwanda: International Conference; Venice, 1994.
- Iranian Music and Cuisine: festivities; Padova, 1994.
- Nationwide Demonstration "Against all Forms of Racism"; Rome, 1995.
- Reconstruction in Rwanda: A Peace Plan for the African Great Lakes (Rwanda-Burundi), high-level meeting; Venice, 1995.
- Causes of Under Development and the Role of the United Nations and GNO in the light of the Copenhagen Conference Resolutions: meeting/debate, music, exhibition, cuisine; Mira (VE), 1995.
- Presentation of CISM-Spinea: Football, meeting/debate, festivities; Spinea, 1995.
- Multiracial New Year in Venice: festivities; Venice, 1995.
- Education and multiracism in schools: conferences, music, cuisine; Dolo (VE), Mestre, San Donà (VE), Venice, 1995 and 1996.
- Nationwide Demonstration "March for Solidarity"; Rome, 1996.
- "Africa Observatory": "Towards what kind of Multicultutal Society". Meeting with schools and reasearch survey into immigration and the "building" of possible scenarios for a multicultural society; Treviso, Verona, 1996.
- Intercultural Meeting, festivities; Spinea (Venice), 1996.
- European Islam, Integration and the European Community, seminar; Mestre-Venice, 1996.
- "All sorts", multiracial festival: "Immigration as a Human Resource: Meeting/Debate, local and exotic cuisine; Campo del Ghetto Ebraico (Jewish Ghetto), Venice, 1996.

    Headquarters: via Torino 11/C, 30172 Mestre-Venezia;


    Sede Comunale di Montecchio Maggiore:
    Associazione Coop-Culturale AFRO-ITALIA (Affilliato al CISM-VENETO)

    Sede Provinciale e Comunale di Padova:

    Sede Comunale di Spinea (Provincia di Venezia)

    Sede Comunale di Mira (Provincia di Venezia)

    Coordinamento Immigrati del Sud del Mondo
    Via Torino, 11/c - 30172 Mestre (Ve)
    tel. 041/5313122
    fax 041/5316563